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Furniture & Decorative Arts


Period & Period Style Furniture

Mealy’s are renowned internationally for their expertise in Irish, English and Continental Furniture from the 17th century right through to the 20th century, especially Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian Period pieces. This includes Armchairs, Dining Chairs, Wicker Chairs, and other miscellaneous Chairs, Chests of Drawers, Chests-on-Chests, Wellington Chests, Coffers, Commodes, Cupboards, Clothes Presses, Davenports, Desks, Dumb Waiters, Jardiniers & Planters, Mirrors and Frames, Screens, Settes, Sideboards, Stands, Stools, Torcheres, Breakfast Tables, Card Tables, Centre Tables, Dining Tables, Display Tables, Drum Tables, Games Tables, Library Tables, Loo tables, Occassional Tables, Pedestal Tables, Pembroke Tables, Serving/Side Tables, Sofa Tables, Work Tables, Writing Tables and other miscellaneous Tables, Teapoys; Whatnots, and Wine Coolers. This department also handles Garden Furniture of all varieties.

Period and Period Style Furniture are sold via Mealy’s Fine & Decorative Art Sales.

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Miscellaneous Decorative Arts

This broad department handles a wide variety of ornamental and functional items, made from metals like brass, bronze, pewter, and copper, or from other materials such as Alabaster, Ivory, Marble, Ormulu, Terracotta, Wood and Textiles.

Items that fall under the ambit of this department are sold via Mealy’s Fine and Decorative Art Sales.

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